Sunday, January 30, 2011

Its time to stop making them


Release track packs, new songs, whatever you need to keep making money but there is no legitimate reason to make another god damn game if all your doing is adding new songs, theres not even graphic overhauls most of the time! 

Just play the first one

Star War Force Unleashed 2

Skip over this game you will be disappointed. the first one was great this one manages should have been released as DLC, and it still would have been a disappointment. Its a very short game that manages to be mind numbingly repetitive, terrible story, if you must play it just play the demo the only thing you miss is one epic fight that goes on just a little bit to long, and isn't challenging in the least

Crackdown 2

the first was fairly entertaining for a game that only sold copies because it included the halo 3 beta, however the second is an extremely annoying version of the first with one new feature zombies. yay zombies in a game that zombies really have no place in this doesn't even pass for bad dlc just pretend this never happened and  the cliffhanger at the end of the last one remained just that 

A game you should have missed

Two Worlds
Bad game stay far away if you come in close proximity kill with fire your doing fellow gamers a service. single player lags by far the worst game I have ever played. Im pretty sure theres only one voice actor try to voice over EVERY npc (maybe two one female but that might have been the same guy)

A game you may have missed

The Saboteur 
A highly overlooked absolute gem of a game. This was the final production of pandemic studios sadly this game didn't get much attention or support due to pandemics closure despite being a truly great game. Give this game a shot if you get a chance


Well its an MMO so i played it for longer than an hour here comes my crappy review :p

Rift will replace WoW for me the moment it ships, the beta has kept me on my toes for days and all ive done is make new characters to test out just a few of the possible class combos.
Ive also been looking for bugs for example flying in the tutorial

If you look close enough you will see my friend flying (The game is still in beta and has some bugs)

Also fell through the world a few times but you get re-spawned so fast its hard to get a screencap
bugs are always fun to find ( at least i think so ) its half the fun of participating in a beta. But despite my love for this game i can't give it a real review because of the fact its still just a beta, a really really fun beta 

Just started this, will post some lame reviews of games, that ill probably only play for like an hour unless its an mmo pokemon or absolutely terrible in which case ill probably play it longer  but the review will still suck