Sunday, January 30, 2011


Well its an MMO so i played it for longer than an hour here comes my crappy review :p

Rift will replace WoW for me the moment it ships, the beta has kept me on my toes for days and all ive done is make new characters to test out just a few of the possible class combos.
Ive also been looking for bugs for example flying in the tutorial

If you look close enough you will see my friend flying (The game is still in beta and has some bugs)

Also fell through the world a few times but you get re-spawned so fast its hard to get a screencap
bugs are always fun to find ( at least i think so ) its half the fun of participating in a beta. But despite my love for this game i can't give it a real review because of the fact its still just a beta, a really really fun beta 


  1. Tried the beta of this but it couldn't capture me really. I think I've just outgrown MMORPGs and lost interest in them. Felt a bit like a bleak copy and mixture of many older MMORPGs. I guess its simply down to I don't have time to enjoy them as much as I used to. I do think though it does have a few interesting aspects but mechanics just maybe a tad dated. Can't say I gave it a good enough try to really give it my sincere opinion though :p

  2. Any idea what kind of PvP system this game will use?

    I love Eve online for its open loot and open pvp gameplay.

  3. I really haven't done much pvp, but i believe it is similar pvp in WoW theres battlegrounds (called warfronts i believe) world pvp may or may not have loot im really not sure i think i watched a vid where he looted the corpse of someone he killed but other than that i haven't heard much about it.
    I do know from people that do pvp that melee gets kited by ranged all day long but that will most likely have a fix its only a beta

  4. definitely give it a shot sign up now and you should get in the next beta which starts Tuesday i believe

  5. Haven't heard of this one before. Might check it out.

  6. not too into mmo's but im interested in what you might post in the future, im following.
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  7. So many half-ass clones.
    I don't really know why they bother, man.