Friday, February 11, 2011

Free aka bad mmos

Well I let my WoW subscription lapse in anticipation for rift but sadly RIFT beta doesn't start back up for a few days and RIFT doesn't go live till the 24th. SO i need to take up my time with something so i will be downloading and trying out f2p mmo's/games  then returning here to give you the news which will most likely be terrible. Up to the chopping block first is a game called KNIGHT online.....


  1. Check out the game Silkroad Online. I thought it was pretty fun, despite the free nature.

  2. I've pretty much played every "free" mmo from like 2006-2009. The only good ones were flyff and rappelz. and even then, they were only fun in the beta before cash shop unbalanced the fuck out of them.

    pretty much every f2p makes you install some sort of anti-hack garbage that can shit up your system, and there are hackers who get around it anyway. the cash shop will most likely unbalance the fuck out of your game, or you'll only be playing a limited demo. and almost all games are grindfests and/or laggy pieces of shit.

    dunno man. i kinda gave up on 'em after a while. probably best to plink down on some starcraft2 or diablo3 or something like that so you can actually enjoy what you play. just sayin'.

  3. I know I've already purchased RIFT I'm just waiting for release